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Ultra Warm Angora Haramaki
Ultra Warm Angora Haramaki
Ultra Warm Angora Haramaki
9 reviews

Ultra Warm Angora Haramaki - black

Ultra warm and cosy Angora Haramaki belly-band.

Product information

Really really extra warm haramaki with Angora. Available in Black. grey or white.   

Angora has been shown to be up to 3 times warmer than sheep’s wool and possesses unique thermal properties.
Super soft and cosy. Great for lower back pain. Wearing Angora wool clothing can improve blood circulation. Angora can be beneficial to people with painful joints, sciatica, arthritis, muscle tension as it helps to maintain a warm body temperature. For more information click here.

Size information here

Simple stretchy-knitted rib tube. Unisex. Kidney-warmer/Back-warmer. 

Fibre content: 46% angora/37% lambswool/9% polyamide/8% elastane

Machine wash but on wool wash cycle. Keep spin short then gently pull back into shape whilst drying. Air dry.

Made from Angora with the highest welfare standards. 


Based on 9 reviews
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Dave - Manchester

Great thanks. Just what I needed. Warmth where my back hurts.

Sara - Harrow

O.M.G. Can't take it off. Too cosy. Actually life changing.

Quangle Wangle - UK

Hi, just to let you know that the angora haramaki thingy is fabulous! I'm a long term wheelchair user, and get very, very cold outside, especially if I'm on my mobility scooter. This goes on over my vest and under my other numerous layers, and it's very, very cosy.

June - Kent

My husband was so envious I had to buy one for him too! He plans to wear it on the motorbike - and for keeping warm without central heating when working at home! I wore mine after swimming in the sea (it is February so water was quite refreshing!) and was super-impressed by the difference it made to getting warm again.

Sammi - Brighton

This Haramaki is amazing! I may never take it off! Thank you! :) :)

Sue -

I was always such a cold person but the Haramaki has changed winters forever. It's like wearing a mini electric blanket around my lower back. Life changing!!

Emma - The North

Best present ever. I ALWAYS feel the cold. This REALLY helps. Thank you thank you

Sarah - Brighton

Amazing. So toasty. Wear my core-warmer over my clothes when cycling so sized up to a large. Very happy.

Sarah P - London

So so warm. Just what I needed. I was worried it would be itchy but it really isn't. I might get a grey one too...

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