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Super Soft Crane Haramaki
Super Soft Crane Haramaki
Super Soft Crane Haramaki
Super Soft Crane Haramaki
Super Soft Crane Haramaki

Product Description

A Haramaki belly band with a large design of cranes and turtles for good luck. The combination of traditional Japanese patterns makes this a stylish piece. 

Its elastic nature allows it to stretch to a generous 46 cm in width. It has a green background. 

Wrap your midsection in both warmth and style with this substantial bellyband featuring a contemporary Japanese pattern that's sure to not only keep you cozy but also make you proud to flaunt it.

Please note that each item in this collection is meticulously handcrafted by skilled artisans, resulting in slight variations in both shape and colour. Your understanding of this unique craftsmanship is greatly appreciated.

Height: 38cm
Width: 36cm
Waist: 70cm-120cm

80% Acrylic
15% Nylon
5% Wool

Origin: Made in Japan

In Japanese culture, cranes and turtles are considered symbols of luck and longevity, and they hold special significance in various contexts.

1. Cranes (Tsuru):
   - Symbol of Longevity and Good Fortune: Cranes are believed to live for a thousand years in Japanese folklore. As a result, they are seen as symbols of longevity and good fortune.
   - **Origami Tradition:** The folding of origami cranes, known as "orizuru," is a popular Japanese tradition. It is believed that folding a thousand paper cranes can make a wish come true or bring good luck. This practice gained international attention through the story of Sadako Sasaki, a young girl who folded paper cranes while battling leukemia after the atomic bombing of Hiroshima.

2. Turtles (Kame):
   - Symbol of Longevity and Immortality:Turtles are associated with longevity and immortality in Japanese culture. The belief is that turtles live long lives and carry the world on their backs.
   - Crane and Turtle Together: The combination of a crane and a turtle is often seen as particularly auspicious, symbolizing the wish for a long and fortunate life.

These symbols are deeply ingrained in Japanese traditions, art, and folklore. They are often used in celebrations, decorations, and gifts to convey positive wishes for health, happiness, and a long life. The cultural significance of these symbols has also spread beyond Japan, and they are recognised and appreciated in various parts of the world.



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Super Soft Crane Haramaki

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Crane Super Soft Haramaki - size L - made in Japan