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NukuNuku Starter Pack (white)
NukuNuku Starter Pack (white)
NukuNuku Starter Pack (white)
NukuNuku Starter Pack (white)
NukuNuku Starter Pack (white)
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NukuNuku Starter Pack (white)

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Product information

Got the haramaki habit? get a 'starter pack' of 3 haramaki, save money and always have one handy to keep you cosy when your beloved 'maki is in the wash.

Made in the UK and built to last from high quality soft cotton and lycra (92% cotton, 8% lycra).

Our own brand single layered haramaki will keep you warm and keep its shape wash after wash. 

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Customer reviews

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A well made product. Like the fabric used. It is a good fit around the width but on the long side in the length. For a short person e.g. 5ft it is too long and not so comfortable. Perhaps sizes for short and tall persons would be the way forward.

Merle Morgan | Kent | December 2021

Keeping warm

I have recently been told that I have two fractured lumbar vertebrae due to osteoporosis. The pain has been awful so been on strong pain relief. The thing that really helped was heat from a hot water bottle but can't walk around with one all the time! Have finally been able to come off pain relief but was getting a lot of aching in my lumbar area.

My acupuncturist told me about Haramaki's and advised me to try them as keep your body core warm. I have found it great as keeps my back constantly warm so no more aching.

I thoroughly recommend you give them a try you won't be disappointed.

Michelle | Worcester | November 2021

Many years ago I discovered that if you keep your kidneys warm, then you stop freezing! After improvising with shawls and scarves wrapped around my middle- fine if you're at home studying, not so practical at work or when out and about- I was delighted to find Nukunuku's haramaki as a Nice Way to keep your kidneys warm and not look like a womble.

Learning more about traditional Chinese medicine confirmed the importance of keeping your kidneys warm, and I tell my qigong students often that they should do this, especially living here in Sweden.

I bought a 'starter pack' with three haramaki in cheerful colours. I am now ordering my second set, as after four solid years of non stop use the first set have only finally been consigned, very reluctantly, to the rag bag. I wore and washed them constantly, and it was only after three or so years that they started getting a little saggy, with a hole here and there, but still completely useable. Quite remarkable considering the constant usage.

Nukunuku's haramaki are well made, extremely durable, and comfortably combine with just about anything. I tend mainly to wear mine either as a first layer, or more often than not, over a singlet. The thickness is just right to be worn as a base layer without bulkiness. They are nice enough to be worn over things as well. The only reason I tend not to is that I am on the borderline between sizes, where the next size up is too big, but the size I use doesn't have a lot of leeway to allow it to be pulled over the top of layers.

Get some- it is SO worth it. They'll last you for ages and will make a difference to both your comfort and health. Be warned though, you will become dependent- I'm almost like a child without their teddy if I don't have a haramaki!!

Ingrid | Sweden | August 2018