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Merino Warm Pants

100% Merino Knickers * Woolly Pants *

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All natural thermal pants - to keep your bum as warm as toast! Great for warming up after open water swimming or other outdoor exercise or simply for those who feel the cold. 

1000% Merino

Why Merino? The merinos are regarded as having the finest and softest wool of any sheep. The fibre is strong, elastic, soft and nice on the skin.  Merino fabric stabilize body temperature, especially when worn against the skin. The merino fabric provides warmth, without overheating the wearer, and it draws the sweat away from the skin. Merino has natural antibacterial properties. Merino has an excellent warmth-to-weight ratio compared to other wools, in part because the smaller fibers have microscopic cortices of dead air, trapping body heat similar to the way a sleeping bag warms its occupant. 

Small = 4-6
Medium = 8-10
Large = 12-14


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Mike Theo - Warrington

Merino Warm Pants

Love these pants, great to wear them under a skirt and stay warm on these chilly winter days. I went a size up and it fits perfectly. Highly recommended to everyone who wants to keep the core nice and warm.