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Buy Haramaki from NukuNuku in blue.
Buy Haramaki from NukuNuku in blue.
Buy Haramaki from NukuNuku in blue.
Buy Haramaki from NukuNuku in blue.
Buy Haramaki from NukuNuku in blue.

Product Description

Single layered cotton haramaki. Unisex. Warmth for everyone! 

Made in the UK and built to last from stretchy soft cotton and Lycra (92% cotton, 8% lycra). A stretchy cotton tube to wear around your middle and raise your body temperature without needing bulky layers.  

For anyone who wants to keep the warmth in and banish the cold. NukuNuku haramakis keep their shape and hug the body wash after wash. Also called back-warmer, kidney warmer, belly-wrap or belly-band, the haramaki has multiple uses. This bright, 'royal' blue is a popular colour choice amongst the haramaki fans. 

The haramaki is a Japanese idea that we have brought to the UK. Originally worn by Samurai under their armour and regular Japanese people to keep warm the haramaki has evolved to be an easy to wear, stretchy tube that you can pull up easily to hug the body. Keeping your core warm will raise your over all body temperature and your extremities (hands and feet) will be warmer. You can test it out by tying a scarf around your waist and going about your will soon warm up. With the haramaki you can simply fold it down if overheating on a long walk etc and flip it back up when you need to cover up again and start feeling the chill. 

If you have any questions about sizing please get in touch but we have our sizing on the link below. 

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blue haramaki

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Blue Haramaki