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Furoshiki zero waste wrapping
Haramakis are not the only Japanese concept that NukuNuku has adopted. We have cut down on our wrapping paper waste by using Furoshiki – fabric wrapping. We have a few beautiful posh ones from Japan, some slightly fraying but well-loved home made ones...
What is a haramaki?
A haramaki is effectively a scarf for your middle – you wear it under your clothes and it keeps the area warm. By wearing a haramaki around your middle you can keep your feet and hands warm – really!
Haramaki for Outdoor Swimmers - Core-warmth
One main tip is to get dressed as quickly as possible and wear many layers - this is where a haramaki really comes into its own. Keeping warm round the core can really help.
As recommended by the Sunday Times!!!!! The Best Thermal Wear
"Think a downwardly mobile boob tube, if you will. I know: ridiculous. Yet not when you experience the impact it has on your body temperature. It’s remarkable. "
Meryl joins our Haramaki gang...
Even more robust and durable, with superior wicking properties and breathability!