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Haramaki for Outdoor Swimmers - Core-warmth

Haramaki for Outdoor Swimmers - Core-warmth

Our Haramaki are very popular with Sea Swimmers - great for warming up after a cold dip in the ocean or lake. So we are sharing:

Safety Advice For Outdoor Swimmers

This is very useful information for anyone deciding whether to swim outdoors.

Take extra precautions when swimming in lakes, rivers or the sea – no matter how experienced you are.

The recommendations include:

  • Information on where to swim and accredited venues
  • Six key steps to consider before going on an open water swim at unsupervised locations
  • Assessing risk due to weather conditions and water temperature
  • Advice on wetsuits and equipment
  • Course planning and the safe entry and exit of the water
  • Plus, recovery and nutrition.

These recommendations can be found here

The recommendations include the use of a Tow Float to increase visibility and aid rescue if required. Goggles are recommended as they allow you to see underwater obstructions and a high visibility cap to help with being seen.

Our friends at Seabirds sell Puffin Tow floats here. Hats here and goggles here

Seabirds is a social enterprise, so when you buy from them you help fund their wellbeing projects. More information on how to keep warm after swimming can be found here on their blog. 

One main tip is to get dressed as quickly as possible and wear many layers - this is where a haramaki really comes into its own. Keeping warm round the core can really help. Find them here


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