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Cold Water Swimming and the Haramaki

Cold Water Swimming and the Haramaki

The Salty Seabirds sea swimming community of Brighton and Hove have truly embraced the use of the haramaki in their swim kit:

  1. To warm their core up after a cold water dip
  2. To cover their bits/boobs when changing 

Some (see photo) even wear two at a time in order to do this ;) 

A number of them have requested that NukuNuku make a longer haramaki to cover more flesh for just this purpose and I have spent the weekend testing our new longer haramaki with my family on a cold, wet and windy camping trip. The perfect conditions for testing a haramaki's worth - it has been too warm since the samples arrived believe it or not! Universal approval means we will be rolling these out in the Autumn - 2 inches longer (an inch top and bottom) and flexy enough to fold over for double warmth if that is what you need and prefer. 


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