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black haramaki (organic cotton)

Our best-selling Black cotton/lycra haramaki kidney-warmer.
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Product information

NukuNuku’s Black Haramaki in cotton* with lycra. A tube of stretchy cotton to pull on or step into and wear around your middle that will keep your whole body warm by layering your core. An essential basic for your wardrobe.

  • Made in the UK
  • Built to last and keeps its shape
  • High quality soft organic* cotton 
  • With added lycra for stretch 92% cotton, 8% Lycra 190gsm
  • Hugs your body round your core
  • Helps warm your whole body
  • Unisex
  • Available in sizes XS to XL

The haramaki is a traditional Japanese item of clothing worn under or over clothes around the middle to keep you warm. Unisex and ageless - for anyone who wants to banish the cold. We took this Japanese idea and made NukuNuku's own brand single layered soft cotton haramaki will keep you warm and keep its shape wash after wash. Wearing our tummy-wrap will keep your core warm and allow your whole body to stay warmer.

Great while pregnant to make your clothes fit you longer by layering and post-partum to make you feel held or warmer when breastfeeding.

May aid digestion and ease lower back pain, covers you up during sports such as pilates, cycling and yoga and allows you to stay outside for longer. Warning, you can become addicted - we wear ours 24/7...

Our own brand NukuNuku haramaki are single layered and average 30cm from top to bottom, covering your kidneys and lower back to top of the hips. 

Sceptical and think you dont need one? You may be if you havent yet tried them (but you will be hooked when you do!) You can test it out by tying a scarf round your waist to try the effect. Soon you will see that having the core of your body insulated raises your body temperature all over. This is because the inner organs are warm, increasing your circulation, which spreads heat all over your body, even to the toes and fingers.

Don’t take our word for it, please take a look at our reviews:

“I have been wearing haramakis from NukuNuku for several years now and wear them most days. I find that they have helped with so many things and recommend them often to my acupuncture patients (both female and male). They have reported back saying wearing them has helped with issues such as lower back ache, occasional bouts of sciatica, women's issues, supporting those with weak bladders, digestive issues and are great to wear to bed when camping! From my experience, they wash well and keep their shape and come in lovely colours. Thanks for a great product”

“The Haramaki changed my life, you have to try it. This Haramaki is absolutely perfect on the body, cotton and feels great against the skin. Keeps your core warm in a way that I thought it couldn't be possible (but is never too warm at the same time). It is a must have, give it a chance. Helped me with keeping my core warm, my menstrual cramps, my energy levels... 10/10. Thank you!”

Also known as: kidney warmer, belly-warmer, bump band, tummy tube, body warmer, nierenwärmer, back-warmer, core-warmer....

* as of 2022 all our black nukunuku haramaki from organic cotton 

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First class

Excellent service, fast delivery, great price, great product. First class

Judith Russell | Stafford | July 2022

Well made item

Only used my Haramaki once so far. Got it mainly for the coming winter. However it did give me a feeling of warmth and support. When the water is really cold I get the shakes post swim so I am hoping it will help me out by warming up quicker

Alan Taylor | Norwich | June 2022

A warm hug around your waist throughout the day!

The main reason I brought this Haramaki was to protect my Kidneys from the cold and to help the stomach bloating and abdomen distension after a big meal.

The first few days to the first couple weeks were an adjustment period where I just didn't know how high to put it, I wasn't use to the extra warm and it felt loose on some days. I also thought large was big for an average asain man (southern asaia) but now we have adapted to each other like a hand in a glove and now it feels like a constant hug around by abdomen. :)

James Cam | London, UK | May 2022


I have a colostomy and these are an absolute godsend. Soft and comfortable enough to wear all the time but firm enough to keep everything in place without interfering with function. Brilliant .

Hugh Neason | Exeter | March 2022


Very warm, came quickly too

Tim Spivey | Hereford | February 2022

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