Buy Haramaki in black from NukuNuku. Soft, stretchy cotton made in the UK.
Buy Haramaki in black from NukuNuku. Soft, stretchy cotton made in the UK.
Buy Haramaki in black from NukuNuku. Soft, stretchy cotton made in the UK.
Buy Haramaki in black from NukuNuku. Soft, stretchy cotton made in the UK.
Buy Haramaki in black from NukuNuku. Soft, stretchy cotton made in the UK.
19 reviews

black haramaki

Our best seller by far. Black cotton/lycra haramaki kidney-warmer.

Product information

Our best seller - Black Haramaki. An essential basic for your wardrobe. 

Made in the UK and built to last from high quality soft cotton/Lycra (92% cotton, 8% Lycra 190gsm).

The haramaki is a traditional Japanese item of clothing. For anyone who wants to banish the cold. NukuNuku's own brand single layered haramaki will keep you warm and keep its shape wash after wash. Wearing our tummy-wrap will keep your core warm and allow your whole body to stay warmer. May aid digestion and ease lower back pain, covers you up during sports such as pilates, cycling and yoga and allows you to stay outside for longer. Warning, you can become addicted - we wear ours 24/7...

Also known as: kidney warmer,  belly-warmer, bump band, tummy tube, body warmer, nierenwärmer, back-warmer, core-warmer....

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Jessica Preston - Oxford

I buy one of these from NukuNuku each year - wear them all year round. Great product, great customer service.

Louise - Brighton

Just love my haramaki! The best thing for keeping warm and toastie. What’s more it looks really good layered under tops. Both my kids now have them too!

Great product and great customer service, thank you.

Linda Sonntag - Suffolk

I love my haramaki! Centuries old and bang up to date, this slimline Japanese kidney-hugger keeps my body warm at its core. I was converted by the comforting toasty effect of the NukuNuku instantly I put it on!


I received my order from you today at lunchtime (having placed it only yesterday). Thank you for your extremely rapid service! Much appreciated.

Nora - Nederland

Zeer goed produkt. Houdt je rug en buik warm, prettig in gebruik, zeker nu met de kou! :)

Alex - Brighton

I love it....such a simple idea and perfect for everyone of my outdoor pursuits!

Super fast and efficient delivery, with recycled packaging.

Saving for my next one!


I was given a haramaki kidney wrapper for Christmas and very much appreciate this light extra layer of warmth. It also has another very useful function.

I have a small metal healing plate 2.5 x 2.5 x 1/8th inch, ( not an electrical gadget ), which helps to reduce arthritic pain. It has to be in immediate skin contact. I have had an allergic response to medical tape which I used to keep it in situ. I now overlap my harimaki around my hip before sleeping and tuck the plate down inside it and it usually stays snugly in place. Next morning I can open it out and use it as a kidney wrapper again. It washes and dries easily and quickly. What a useful and simple thing it is.

VA - Bristol

Having been introduced to the concept of a haramaki many years ago, I tried a couple of different suppliers out, but then I found NukuNuku. I've never looked back. As someone who is tall, I've used them for years to keep warm and prevent drafty gaps between layers, but recently I've found them to be INVALUABLE as a breastfeeding mother. They give my mid-rift a warm, cosy feeling, wrapped up like a hug, and means I can wear whatever clothes I like and still keep cosy whilst feeding. I cannot recommend them highly enough.

Derbyshire Cyclist - Derbyshire

Just to thank you for the excellent service and to say how pleased I am with the Haramaki it will be perfect for my cycling. Your size suggestion was spot on and I will be ordering another in the near future

Jez - London

Kept me warm at a festival this summer when the temperature dropped. I usually wear it as a boob tube but was very glad to have it as an extra layer keeping me warm. Thanks to my Mum for getting it for me!

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