Buy Haramaki in black from NukuNuku. Soft, stretchy cotton made in the UK.
Buy Haramaki in black from NukuNuku. Soft, stretchy cotton made in the UK.
Buy Haramaki in black from NukuNuku. Soft, stretchy cotton made in the UK.
Buy Haramaki in black from NukuNuku. Soft, stretchy cotton made in the UK.
Buy Haramaki in black from NukuNuku. Soft, stretchy cotton made in the UK.
28 reviews

black haramaki

Our best seller by far. Black cotton/lycra haramaki kidney-warmer.

Product information

Our best seller - Black Haramaki. An essential basic for your wardrobe. 

Made in the UK and built to last from high quality soft cotton/Lycra (92% cotton, 8% Lycra 190gsm).

The haramaki is a traditional Japanese item of clothing. For anyone who wants to banish the cold. NukuNuku's own brand single layered haramaki will keep you warm and keep its shape wash after wash. Wearing our tummy-wrap will keep your core warm and allow your whole body to stay warmer. May aid digestion and ease lower back pain, covers you up during sports such as pilates, cycling and yoga and allows you to stay outside for longer. Warning, you can become addicted - we wear ours 24/7...

Sceptical and think you don’t need one? You may be if you haven’t yet tried them (but you will be hooked when you do!) You can test it out by tying a scarf round your waist to try the effect. Soon you will see that having the core of your body insulated raises your body temperature all over. This is because the inner organs are warm, increasing your circulation, which spreads heat all over your body, even to the toes and fingers

Also known as: kidney warmer,  belly-warmer, bump band, tummy tube, body warmer, nierenwärmer, back-warmer, core-warmer....

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Based on 28 reviews
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Syb - North West

Yes, love my haramakis. Bought 3.

Especially appreciate wearing it on my walks (North West UK walks along the Irish Sea coast - can be very windy). Keeps my middle warm and "safe". Gives my back a little support and eases the pain I have there.

When I am wearing it my arms and legs feel warmer too.

Very cosy. Very happy. Have told family and friends.

Louise Healy - Surrey

Comfortable and warm

So pleased with our haramakis bought for me and my three daughters - one has already requested a second and thye have been well tested in this cold weather on long lockdown walks.

Holly - Falmouth

Warm and soft

I’m happy with mine, I use it after sea swims, easy to get on and keeps me warm. I would like to request you make a longer version as well for more coverage please!

kim - bristol

I recommend to my clients

I have been wearing haramakis from NukuNuku for several years now and wear them most days. I find that they have helped with so many things and recommend them often to my acupuncture patients (both female and male). They have reported back saying wearing them has helped with issues such as lower back ache, occasional bouts of sciatica, women's issues, supporting those with weak bladders, digestive issues and are great to wear to bed when camping! From my experience, they wash well and keep their shape and come in lovely colours. Thanks for a great product – Kim in Bristol"

Anna - Brighton

Love it!

Bought one of these for some extra warmth on chilly winter dog walks and am now wearing it constantly! Great for an extra cosy and snug layer under a jumper and over jeans (the material is unexpectedly warm). I've also found that it's solved my problem of what to wear under off the shoulder tops, when you don't want a bra or vest strap showing. I've already bought another for a yogi friend for her birthday - which she was very happy with - and am planning on getting my mum an angora one for Christmas. Very pleased with my purchase - thank you!

Dave - Hull


Many thanks for speedy delivery, Wife highly delighted with the additional warmth it gives. Unobtrusive under the normal clothing and stops the gap twixt trousers and top.

Ana Clauss - Ireland

Changed my life!

The Haramaki changed my life, you have to try it. This Haramaki is absolutely perfect on the body, cotton and feels great against the skin. Keeps your core warm in a way that I thought it couldn't be possible (but is never too warm at the same time). It is a must have, give it a chance. Helped me with keeping my core warm, my menstrual cramps, my energy levels... 10/10. Thank you!

Harri -

Thanks - that was speedy!

I've been wearing (and loving) a haramaki for years - so this year F&F are getting one too

Eni - Oxford

Warm and comfortable

It keeps you warm and feel comfortable .

Kath - Sussex

There are great with dungarees! I love dungarees but don't like the draft....haramaki are the answer, who knew?! :)

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