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Angora Wrist/Arm/Elbow Warmers - grey

*longer length* angora * wrist * elbow * lower arm* warmer

Product information

Angora Lower Arms, Elbow, Wrist warmers. A pair in grey.

Angora is great for pains in the joints or just to keep you extra warm. 

Angora has been shown to be up to 3 times warmer than sheep’s wool and possesses unique thermal properties.
Super soft and cosy. Great for wrist pain or cold hands/fingers. Wearing Angora wool clothing can improve blood circulation. Angora can be beneficial to people with painful joints, sciatica, arthritis, muscle tension as it helps to maintain a warm body temperature. More information here

46% Angora 37% wool 9% polyamide 8% lycra

Approx 11" or 28cm long. 



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