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About Us

Firstly, "NukuNuku" means 'warm and cosy' in Japanese. A family business, founded in 2010, we sell haramaki; Japanese core-warmers. I was first given one by my mother-in-law when I was pregnant and I was hooked from the moment I put it on. Also called belly-bands or kidney-warmers, these back-warmers have been worn for centuries in Japan; the samurai wore them beneath their armour. With our modern version you too can keep warm like the samurai.

Here in the UK, we looked around us and saw plenty of builder’s bums and muffin-tops that would benefit from a haramaki and thought that Britain too needed the Haramaki...

In our household we want to buy things to last and were determined that our haramaki would last for years, holding their shape and elasticity wash after wash. We also wanted natural fabrics that everyone could wear. New to the industry it took us a while to track down the softest, high-quality stretchy cotton/lycra (woven and dyed here in the UK) and then found highly-experienced jersey seamstresses in Sheffield to make our own brand "NukuNuku" Haramaki.

We are very proud of them and want to share them with you too. More information on our blog you can find here

Benefits of wearing a haramaki:

1. Keeping your core warm keeps the whole body warm
2. May aid digestion and blood circulation
3. Eases menstrual cramps and 'cold uterus'
4. Keeps you warm without bulky layers
5. Provides coverage during activities such as yoga and cycling
6. Quick recovery after cold activities such as open-water swimming
7. Covers muffin-top/builders bum and other exposed gaps 
8. Offers warmth and support in pregnancy
9. Helps breast feeding mums limit exposure when lifting their tops.

Currently available in a single layered version we wear our haramaki 24/7 (except on the hottest days of summer). Our haramaki are unisex and stretchy and our customers tell us they use them for yoga, health reasons, working outdoors, tai chi, qi gong, pregnancy, breastfeeding, pole dancing, warming up after cold water swimming, cyclists, campers, those who feel the cold, don’t want to wear bulky layers to keep warm, tall people….

We keep our delivery charges as low as we can and try to reduce packaging and waste and use biodegradable envelopes. We tend to send out our haramaki without bags but with a flyer - to avoid extra packaging. However, if you would like them bagged up to give as a present please let us know. 

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