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Our Haramaki will help you maintain an overall warmer body temperature and so suit anyone who needs extra warmth – those who work or play outdoors in all seasons from gardeners to sea swimmers, those who need to keep warm and stretchy such as pole dancers, aerial athletes and yoga practitioners. They are also great for health problems such as period pain, back ache, chronic fatigue, Raynauds. 

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  • A warm hug around your waist throughout the day!

    The main reason I brought this Haramaki was to protect my Kidneys from the cold and to help the stomach bloating and abdomen distension after a big meal.

    The first few days to the first couple weeks were an adjustment period where I just didn't know how high to put it, I wasn't use to the extra warm and it felt loose on some days. I also thought large was big for an average Asian man (southern Asia) but now we have adapted to each other like a hand in a glove and now it feels like a constant hug around by abdomen. :)

    James Cam / London, UK

  • The best thing I've bought!

    It is an absolute necessity for anyone in this weather! Yes, it's been mild so far but if you're a bit on the skinny side, like my daughter you're always cold no matter the temperature! I recommend this for everyone!

    Saira / London, UK

  • Keeps you warm where you need it

    Having put on weight during lockdown, I noticed a lot of my T-shirts were no longer tuckable and were creeping up my back. This left my lower back exposed and prone to chills in my kidneys. This product perfectly solves this problem. It's stretchy enough to fit most waistlines and comfortable enough to forget it's there. Good price, high quality. If you have a similar problem, THIS is the solution.

    Philip Henry / Londonderry, UK

  • Spot on product!

    I bought my haramaki on the advice of a fellow swimmer and I'm so glad I did. Swimming daily in the lido is getting a bit 'fresh' so to add a discreet extra layer around my lower back and stomach is wonderful. Makes it even better when you add a small hot water bottle to the equation which is neatly held in place by the haramaki! I can see how this would be brilliant for anyone working outside like a gardener and cyclists too, well pretty much anyone. I wish I'd had one earlier in my life.

    Chrissie Nic / London, UK

  • Haramaki Convert.

    The haramaki has made an instant impact on my core warmth, complementing the acupuncture treament I am having. I am going to order 2 more but in a smaller size for a firmer fit. I have recommended this item to 2 people, one with Rheumatoid arthritis and one who does cold water swimming. I am also please that it is made in the UK. The service, delivery and communication made it a straight foreward purchase online.

    John Doe / Cumbria, UK