NukuNuku's angora haramaki back-warmers
Why wear a haramaki?

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Haramaki means 'belly-wrap' in Japanese; a Unisex stretchy cotton tube to keep you warm and cover you up. Use our haramaki as a back-warmer, kidney-warmer, waist band, maternity belt, yoga band etc etc....Tuck it in or leave it showing so that you have a band of colour.

NukuNuku's own brand are made in the UK from the best quality cotton. Tailored in shape to hold in place. NukuNuku haramaki are built to last and keep their shape. Gives your warmth from your core. You can wear them over or under your clothes and you need a snug fit. Our Haramaki will help you maintain an overall warmer body temperature and so suit anyone who needs extra warmth – those who work or play outdoors in all seasons from gardeners to sea swimmers, those who need to keep warm and stretchy such as pole dancers, aerial athletes, yoga practitioners etc. They are great for health problems such as period pain, back ache, chronic fatigue, Raynauds etc etc.