New for 2022 – Meryl/Lycra Haramaki :)

Even more robust and durable, with superior wicking properties and breathability! “superior performance benefits of modern fibre technology with an exceptionally soft handle combined with the durability and robustness of nylon.”…We have introduced a Meryl/lycra fabric haramaki to our range. Used for sportswear Meryl is super stretchy and moves with your body, keeping the shape of the garment wash after wash. Made in the UK – both the fabric and the garment it will be your new favourite haramaki if you try it. Photos to follow….

New Haramaki in the pipeline…

Its been a while since a blog post! We are still here, picking and packing and working on some new models of our haramaki. Since Brexit and with global price rises for EVERYTHING (it seems) importing has become harder and we are looking at more local options as well to make life and stock control less stressful hopefully! Exciting designs in the pipeline – some new fabrics for thicker and longer options….watch this space!

Purple Haramaki Core-warmer on waist of grey jeans wearing woman

Autumn is here!

It has been a while since an update. Its been consistently busy here at Haramaki HQ with orders carrying on through the summer months. Thanks to the open water swimmers who have discovered the delights of the handy extra layer that fits easily in the pocket or swim kit bag for when the cold gets you post-swim. We have also welcomed some new affiliate sellers – please check out Olive Tree Beauty for all things acupuncture :

“Why do acupuncturist’s harp on about the kidney channel …. well It is the seat of primordial strength, willpower, sexual power and creativity. It is responsible for reproduction and growth, strengthens and warms the back, gives strength to the bones and hair and is also directly connected to the functions of the brain. Plus the kidney is the carriers of the “Jing” – the essence of life..

So don’t go letting your kidneys get cold as it could lead to back ache, weak knees, fatigue, lack of concentration, forgetfulness, feeling cold in the lower back, bottom and thighs, prematurely grey hair or hair loss, tinnitus, decrease of sexual energy, impotence, infertility, all ailments connected with a weakness of the kidney channel. “

We are fully stocked with our Merino woolly haramaki for the coming colder months and our full range of cotton haramaki (black is now made from organic cotton!). So whatever you are doing, inside or outside, wrap up an in a haramaki and keep yourself toasty from top to toe. x

Haramaki Fever

A couple of weeks ago I woke up to a huge amount of orders, a truly eye watering amount compared to usual. Why is this I thought? A quick look at where they were coming from and I discovered that the fabulous Anna Murphy of the Times has included NukuNuku in a list of the best Thermals to wear in 2020! Fan-bloody-tastic! The orders have kept coming and I have been running around like a mad thing keeping up, picking and packing, answering queries and getting more stock in to keep up with demand. So exciting!  This small business has been doing its thing since 2010 bringing high quality haramaki to the UK, with our own brand made here in the UK and our woolly ones made in the EU (not sure how thats going to work out from the end of December with us leaving the EU but thats another issue…).

The article can be found here

but as we don’t all have a subscription this is what it said (about NukuNuku anyway, Uniqlo don’t need any free advertising from me ;))

Haramaki, the secret to keeping your core warm
There’s another key weapon in my cold weather arsenal, one that has transformed how I feel, whether I am outdoors or in. It’s a version of what the Japanese call a haramaki, literally a “belly band”, which is designed to keep your core warm.

Think a downwardly mobile boob tube, if you will. I know: ridiculous. Yet not when you experience the impact it has on your body temperature. It’s remarkable. There are even purported to be health benefits. Acupuncturists often recommend them for menstrual issues and infertility, and for lower back pain.

I bought my cotton Lycra ones from the British company Nuku Nuku a few years ago (from £14, The month ahead may prompt me to invest in its ultra-warm angora iteration (£29.50).

Great isn’t it?! Thank you Thank you from this downwardly mobile boob tube purveyor xx

safety advice for wild swimmers

Our Haramaki are very popular with Sea Swimmers – great for warming up after a cold dip in the ocean or lake. So we are sharing:

Safety Advice For Outdoor Swimmers

Following the easing of the lockdown last week, safety advice has been put forward by Swim England, British Triathlon and the Royal Life Saving Society UK regarding swimming in Rivers, Lakes and the Sea.  This is very useful information for anyone deciding whether to swim outdoors.

The 3 organisations are encouraging people to take extra precautions when swimming in lakes, rivers or the sea – no matter how experienced they are.

The recommendations include:

  • Information on where to swim and accredited venues
  • Six key steps to consider before going on an open water swim at unsupervised locations
  • Assessing risk due to weather conditions and water temperature
  • Advice on wetsuits and equipment
  • Course planning and the safe entry and exit of the water
  • Plus, recovery and nutrition.

These recommendations can be found here

The recommendations include the use of a Tow Float to increase visibility and aid rescue if required. Goggles are recommended as they allow you to see underwater obstructions and a high visibility cap to help with being seen.

Our friends at Seabirds sell Puffin Tow floats here. Hats here and goggles here

Seabirds is a social enterprise, so when you buy from them you help fund our wellbeing projects. More information on how to keep warm after swimming can be found here on their blog. 

One main tip is to get dressed as quickly as possible and wear many layers – this is where a haramaki really comes into its own. Keeping warm round the core can really help. Find them here