Reducing plastic pollution…

We have all become more aware of the disaster that is plastic pollution. At NukuNuku we are always trying to reduce our carbon footprint and reduce waste. We use compostable mailers to send out our orders. We keep packaging to a minimum. We favour natural fibres such as cotton and wool over man-made as man made fibres are basically plastic and release micro-particles of plastic into the water every time they are washed adding to the problem of plastic pollution particularly marine pollution.

NukuNuku Haramaki do include lycra. Without it your haramaki would not be stretchy enough or keep its shape and last you a long time – leading to more waste! Which is not what we want. There is no alternative yet readily available or affordable (lycra made from recycled plastics for example?). Most of us cannot afford to choose only natural fibres on an everyday basis – it is just too difficult and too expensive – especially when buying for a family etc.

However, while we all try to limit our plastic use and waste where we can until the industry changes and offers viable alternatives These are fantastic inventions we  recommend for limiting your plastic pollution when washing your clothes – the guppy friend washing bag and the cora ball which will catch your micro-fibres as your clothes shed them in the wash.


We can also recycle or upcycle our clothes when they have given up the ghost – there are vouchers available to save you money in some shops if you take your used textiles in. They will be then reworn, recycled or reused as insulation or mattress stuffing for example.

What are your top tips for reducing waste and pollution?